Male Masturbator Cup with 8 Steel Balls, Squeezable Transparent Realistic Pocket Masturbation,Masturbators


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• 💨8 STEEL BALLS STIMULATION--The pressing part of the male masturbator cup is no longer a whole, but 4 separate parts. It can stimulate the sensitive parts of the penis and glans independently. Its most unique advantage is that there are 8 steel balls inlaid in different positions inside. With different degrees of squeezing, the steel balls will produce a slight pain and massage your bro,the slight pain will immerse you and the charming virgin in sexual excitement and pleasure until exhausted.
• 💨UNIQUE DENSE INTERNAL PARTICLES--Virgin's firm and full vagina is a secret garden waiting to be explored by you.If you enter through the narrow but not too small entrance, you will enter a whole new world. This men masturbation cup has dense particle inside, which restores the internal structure of the female vagina to the greatest extent. With the pressure and pain of 8 steel balls, it is like inserting a real female vagina and massaging a swollen penis.
• 💨FLIP-OPEN DESIGN--According to market feedback, most male masturbator are not easy to clean and dry.In order to give you the most satisfactory feeling of use, our team selected this flip-open masturbator, you can clearly see the crystal particles and steel balls inside. It is easier and more thorough to clean after use, and it dries faster, and it is not easy to breed bacteria. Worth trying!
• 💨UNIQUE WAY TO MASTURBATION--When you are fully in, you can see that every transparent and gentle particle will kiss you emotionally, and you will see the swollen cock standing excitedly in the masturbator. The transparent high-quality silicone of the masturbator toy not only enhances your experience, but also makes you more excited to see your powerful penis and friction with particles! Give you the double enjoyment of vision and body, and maximize the feeling of massage!
• 💨PRIVATE PACKAGING&STORE--We respect and willing to protect your privacy. This pocket pussy stroker is highly confidential during transportation and will not reveal your itinerary. Amazon's professional delivery service also provides you with logistics security. It is 100% waterproof and easy to clean. It only needs to be rinsed with clean water before and after each use. It can be stored after drying for the next use.
Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in