10.6LB Sex Doll Masturbators with Realistic Texture, Brown Skin Male Masturbator Doll


10.6LB Sex Doll Masturbators with Realistic Texture, Brown Skin Male Masturbator Doll for Vaginal and Anal Sex, Realistic Male Sex Toy for Men Masturbation

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Wild Dark Male Masturbator Doll --- Fondlove’s much anticipated realistic sex doll -- Saucy is on sale! This lifelike sex toy is 13.7’’ tall, weighs 10.6LB. She has a a healthy and attractive complexion, charming body curve, a pair of plump breasts and firm abs, which is molded from an unnamed actress😏 With a torso inside, the doll has a good stability and will not shake too much so that she can be better controlled. Wanna conquer this jungle queen?
3 In 1 Masturbator Doll --- As this sex toy has boobs, vagina and anus, there are multiple ways to play with. You can put your cock right in between her bouncy, sweet boobs, and use them for masturbation. Or pick missionary position, with one hand grabbing her amazing boobs and one hand hold her waist, penetrate into her tender vagina. She won’t mind if you attack her from behind, better stick a couple fingers and amount of lube up her ass before you start, the deeper you go, the more she likes.
Male Sex Toy with Realistic Details --- Our R&D team adopt the latest molding technology to imitate the skin texture of real women. You’ll see the goose bumps on her skin clearly, just like the real thing. Above the firm abs of the male masturbator is a pair of supple, perking and soft tits that just filled up your hands. The detail of the anus are particularly realistic, when the tight, shrink anal come into view, time to let the monster out of your cage!
3D Sex Dolls with Stimulating Channel --- The vagina is 6.2’’ and the anus is 6.1’’. Both orifices of the realistic masturbators feel quite distinct, have a different sense of stimulation due to different inner design. With the vagina being great for warming up and the back door for finishing. The feel inside isn’t terribly tight, but is stimulating enough. The close end makes for great suction and also keeps the masturbator from making a mess during use and after orgasm.
Instructions for The Sex Dolls --- This lifelike male masturbator doll made of high-quality TPE which is safe for human and is waterproof. Wash the sex toy with mild soap and dry the toy with paper towel, then apply the corn starch to make it smooth. Please use amount of water-based lube to improve comfort in the process of masturbation.
Weight 170 oz
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 6 in