Clear ḎîlÐo with Sụctịon Cụp


Ðịdọs Toys for Wọmẹn Reạlistic Ðịlịddo for Ṣẹx G Spõt Vãgînal Stimúlãtîon

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[Toys that are as transparent as the real thing] It gives a visually impressive effect. It looks like a real male rooster. There are two real ball pockets on the tail. The instrument is transparent and has a pattern. It looks like a real blood vessel. I think the medium size is not a monster, but a favorite toy. Transparent color, this is my favorite toy. Choose a clean and transparent appearance.
[New suction cup experience, release your hands] The suction cup is designed to be easy to fix, and there is a solid suction cup at the bottom of the product. If you apply pressure to the desired position and push it down, it will be firmly fixed in the vacuum. No matter how you move, it will not move. It is more comfortable than real, but stable and exciting. Let go of your hands, and then automatically reciprocate to enjoy the fun of friction stimulation.
[Satisfy the loneliness with the right body] Perfect size. The total length is 21 cm, the entrance is 16 cm, and the diameter is 4 cm. The real ball bag can live in your vagina, but the entire ball bag cannot enter your aisle. There is another arc in the head design. Can accurately bear the G point. The structure that perfectly imitates the length and width of real characters is the best toy tailored for you.
[Artificial organ that can be bent freely] It is a medium-hard material whose flexibility and hardness are very close to that of the human body. When used, it feels like a real human organ. In addition, it can be bent freely and can be bent to 90 degrees without any problems, and the necessary roughness can be obtained. It is a product with flexibility and hardness.
[Manual toys] Different from traditional electric toys, the manual sex toys made this time are completely manual sex toys. You can experience your favorite orgasm through your own speed and frequency. Only by understanding your own body can you better understand the rhythm of pleasure and provide yourself with the experience of returning to real masturbation.
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