Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay Examples

The NCAA must recognize the benefits of compensating college athletics because, college athletics work hard everyday , makes the sport more competitive and helps players support themselves financially. People, who believe that college athletes deserve payment for their work, choose different approaches to proving their points of views. For example, there is an idea that no changes can be observed in case college athletes will be paid. The NCAA is a dominant organization that governs the majority of college sports in America .

should college athletes be paid essay

This would give the non-athletes and advantage in the working world over the athletes. Most of the athletes that have the opportunity to leave school and turn professional do so, because college athletes live in near poverty. The question of student athletes being paid is not a new question but it is a hot one recently. College ball has been a major part of many schools ciriculum for decades; the pride of so many universities are their teams. All this time the plyers themselves have not been paid and that is how it should remian.

why college athletes should be paid

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should college athletes be paid essay

For example, the players could monetize YouTube channels, sign brand deals, and much more to make money other than having a salary. This may be subject to change, as California has entered a law for players to be able to make money. This could lead to the whole nation being able to, changing the world of college sports forever. College athletes already get their education free why should they get paid for playing a sport they love playing. What do you think, should college athletes get paid for playing the sport there in? Well I don’t think so and in this paper I will tell you and give you reasons why they shouldn’t be paid.

Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

It goes directly to the school and the athlete whose jersey is being worn all around campus will not see a dime of it. Opines that college student-athletes should be able to cash in when it comes to the university making profit off of their likeness. Explains that the grant-in-aid system has been around since 1956, and the ncaa is using college players as a means to make money-bottom line. Argues that student-athletes should be paid to encourage them to stay in school and finish their should college athletes be paid essay education. Explains that the ncaa is a non-profit organization and that it is unlikely to change its stance on student athlete compensation. Explains that nader and league of fans have proposed that athletic scholarships be abolished in favor of need-based financial aid. Explains that an anonymous female student-athlete at clemson university, told espn that she knew of many fellow athletes who had abortions simply because it would cause the cancellation of their scholarships.

Argues that college athletes shouldn’t get paid because they’re not professionals. They should worry about schoolwork and getting their degree in their major.

Tips for Writing About Paying College Athletes

Picture this, you are at your college’s sports game, and it’s the championship game. However the star athlete of the team does the unexpected and ties up the game. Then, within the next couple plays the same star player scores again destroying the entire other team to win his college the game and the trophy. On common on average only 1/3 of college athletes are given a scholarship and a majority are half as much as a full scholarships as stated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Although welsh brings out a good point here, in the article It’s time to push for college by Max Page, Page states how shouldn’t be free, paid for by public dollars, and treated as a right of all members of our country?. Here page tries to give us an idea of how important college really is by stating how college should be a right because of how beneficial it is to our economy.

should college athletes be paid essay

In 2013, NCAA conducted a public survey on whether college football and basketball players should be paid. It revealed that 69% of the public and 61% of sports fans are against paying extra money to these student-athletes, apart from covering their college-related expenses. There were other findings linked to this question — read the full article to see further analysis. Some people believe this because college athletes aren’t employees, sports programs do not have the money to spare, and there are already scholarships given to athletes. Many College athletes live in poverty because the money they get is not sufficient enough to pay for all of the expenses and basic necessities.

The Controversial Debate Over or Not College Athletes Should Be Paid to Play

It would help eliminate the idea of them trying to find jobs to support themselves. They would be able to focus on academics and athletes without worrying about making ends meet (regoli, If they were to be paid, then they could fully focus their time on school and athletics without having to add more time toward a job. Between the intense training hours for athletes, adding more hours to work would inevitably take even more time away from their academics. In addition, there are often times athletes who are walk on, meaning they show up for practice and are good enough they will stay on the team.

Student athletes should continue to play for their schools without compensation, at least in the literal sense. Opines that college athletes should not be paid for playing sports because they are already getting 200,000 to 300,000 dollars of scholarships for schooling. Receiving financial aid from an educational institution is a good perspective as the tuition fees increase each year.

Why Students Athletes in Universities Should Be Paid

Explains why college athletes should be paid because they are too busy to have a job, the ncaa has enough money and they can put in salary caps so everybody get paid fair. Opines that college sports are a big money business and college coaches have become millionaires because of the student-athletes. Opines that the ncaa should revise the rule so that players could make money off of autographs or receive a stipend from the school for playing sports.

  • Opines that college athletes shouldn’t get paid because their boss may want to use the money only for equipment, and they may not have enough money to pay them.
  • The main argument for college athletes to not be paid is because many people think that if athletes are paid it will take away from the passion of the players and will no longer be played just because they love the game.
  • The ncaa doesn’t want friends or boosters to offer athletes jobs because they fear it will interfere with their sport.
  • Therefore, students should receive fair payments to motivate them to join the college teams and develop other essential skills.

Those interested in playing professionally would be able to pursue this dream through the minor leagues instead, and student athletes could just be student athletes. This is why college athletes should be paid they should because they are too busy to have a job, The NCAA has enough money and They can put in salary caps so everybody get paid fair. But other say they shouldn’t because it ruins their sentimental metaphor hook examples values and family history. One reason college athletes should get paid is because they make millions of dollars for their school. College athletes have been dedicating their time, hard work, and much more to their schools’ athletic departments. Between the national television games they play in and company endorsement money the school receives, each player on the team should receive some kind of wage.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

Acting as leaders on and off of the field, student athletes spend a great amount of time and effort committing themselves to not only better their sports, but their academics as well. Student athletes are held to high standards due to their magnified presence and reputation in the media and sports culture. Their skills as athletes contribute to the overall marketability of a college, and pull in millions of dollars in game revenue every season. For reasons like this, I believe that college athletes should be paid for their role as athletes. When I mean getting paid I only mean a stipend or weekly check, not thousands or millions. All the hard work and dedication they put into their sport and academics are worthy enough. I have had a chance to play collegiate sports and it takes a lot out of you mentally and physically.

  • This could lead to the whole nation being able to, changing the world of college sports forever.
  • During their collegiate careers O’Bannon and Keller both earned MVP awards, and are retroactively going through the legal system attempting to get compensation they believe they earned.
  • Opines that college athletes should get paid for their hard work and dedication.
  • The students plainly know that even if they disobeyed the coaches they still had the opportunity to be paid a lot of money.

March madness, the Rose Bowl, and the CFP National Championship are major events in which college athletes strive to compete. Watching college athletics is a passion for millions of people and in recent years, questions have been raised about whether or not college athletes should be paid.

Should College Athletes Be Paid: Next Steps

Analyzes the economic impact of basketball star patrick ewing to georgetown university during his four years there in the early 1980s. Explains that even those who don’t intend to play in the big leagues are gaining immensely from the experience that the collage and the sport is providing them. Among all, LeBron James, a famous athlete, supports the movement along with Chris Murphy, a well-known politician. This essay is available online and was probably used by another student. The disputes they suffer regards to salary and how they do perform, at some point, they are forced to fight their stand to prove themselves.

The players would not be forced to leave school early and would still be able to pursue an education while caring for the family they have at home. This could ultimately increase graduation rates at the college and help the school be higher on the charts. Although there’s big money involved in college sports, very few people outside this environment know that student-athletes are not paid for their efforts. Whether college athletes should be paid is, in fact, a matter of intense debate between students, college administrations, and even private companies. Read our essay examples, where we outline various arguments to help you define your position. College athletes in various sports can experience tremendous pressure from alums, coaches, and agents to increase their time in training due to the financial rewards at stake. Most young people require guidance to manage sports and education, and including the compensation idea exposes them to jeopardy.

The college also makes money from the tickets they sell at the games along with the food and other merchandise they sell at the games. It is only right for the athletes who make all this possible gets some of the profit they help bring in. People are making millions of dollars off these athletes while they are living in poverty. As one begins to consider incorporating revenue for college players, the same important questions arise.

  • This billion dollar industry continues to grow in popularity and net worth, while they continue to see more and more money come in.
  • Thus, the system based on scholarships can be discussed as more effective and advantageous for students about their successes as sportsmen.
  • Consequently, they should be paid to motivate them to work hard in both sports and academics.
  • Some students and indeed most of them join college sports in order to be picked by advanced clubs and agencies.